This collection is one of happenstance. During a winter visit to Apalachicola Bay I witnessed rafts containing hundreds of Redhead ducks overwintering on the water. The animals were very wary, very far away, and I wasn’t carrying my large telephoto lens. As result I improvised with a 300mm lens and did the best I could.

The collection really consist of two separate sequences. The first sequence, birds joining the rafts by landing on the bay, start with ‘Bank Left’ as the ducks make their approach, then progresses to ‘Final Approach I and II’, end ends with ‘Hard Brake’ as the duck prepares for splashdown near water surface. The second sequence is the departure of wary ducks as I walk out a long dock to get closer. The sequence starts with ‘Wary Redheads’ as the alerted ducks move away from my trespass. The sequence then progresses through ‘Lift Off’ as the birds take off from the surface, ‘Acceleration’ as the birds gain speed and finally ‘Formation’ as they begin to fall into position behind one another.

This collection consists of highly manipulated photographs that resulted from my use of less than ideally sized lenses and its effect on the resulting original images. Despite that I really was pleased with the camera’s ability to capture the beauty and grace of the birds and their movement.

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