Pricing & Available Sizes

Purchasing a Fine Art Print

Fine art prints are offered in either stretched canvas or on fine art paper either framed in a gallery frame or as an unframed print.  Custom sized prints are available to meet any frame size you may own.

All Limited Edition Giclee Prints are signed, titled, and hand numbered if applicable.

Prints on Fine Art Paper in Gallery Frames

Gallery Frame SizeEach print is created within the studio using premium Epson Papers and Epson ink. Elephantine and Photographer Proofs can be custom sized up to their maximum production sizes, which will vary. When the Limited Edition prints are sold out, the print is taken out of production.

Full Size Framed: 21″ x 29″
Full Size Print Only:
 15″ x 19″ print on 17″ x 22″ paper

Mid Size Framed: 17″ x 21″
Mid Size Print Only:
 11″ x 15″ print on 13″ x 17″ paper

Small Sized Frames:   12″ x 16″

Small Print Only: 9″ x 13″ print on 13″ x 17″ paper

Gallery Frame Pricing

Standard Sizes
Gallery Frame sizes are approximate frame size
Multi Panel Canvases are individual print costs + 20%
12 x 16 $210
17 x 21 $260
21 x 29 $320
Custom sized to fit existing frame Ask for quote

Elephantine: Elephantine prints are defined as any custom size up to 38 x 50 inches (for now anyway, call if you are thinking really big). Please contact us for a quote.

Photographer’s Proof: Proofs reflect the final composition of a photograph following the production cycle. We then take the proof. limited to five per photograph and print each on 100% rag paper using enhanced production techniques. They reflect the ultimate print of any given photograph. Each are then hand titled, signed and numbered. Proofs are available in custom sizes pending available media and limitation of the photograph stock.  Prices are available on request.

To Purchase

For questions or purchase, please contact Dennis at 

Stretched Canvas Prints

 If you have witnessed my work in an art show you understand I love very large prints. Stretched canvases allow me this luxury which I personally find very satisfying. These oversized prints have become my most popular.

The canvas prints are created in the studio, then hand stretched on stretcher frames.  Following the stretching each is then signed and numbered if applicable.

Stretched canvases are broken into two categories, ‘Standard Format Canvas’, and ‘Panoramics’.

Standard Format Canvases:

Standard-stretched-canvasStandard Format Canvases are just that. It’s the traditional photograph, either oriented in a landscape or portrait layout.  But rather than being framed in a traditional frame the canvas print is stretched on stretcher bars.  the stretched piece can then be framed in a float frame that surrounds the canvas, or simply hung.

While standard sized prints can be created in almost any size (within reason), I offer four standard sizes:

  • Small Stretched Canvas:  12×16.  
  • Medium Stretched Canvas: 16×20.  
  • Large Stretched Canvas: 20×28
  • Extra Large Stretched Canvas: 30×38

Standard Stretched Canvas Print Pricing

Standard Sizes Without Float Frame With Float Frame
12×16 $210 $280
16×20 $260 $360
20×28 $448 on request
30×38 $912 on request
Custom sized Canvases $.80/Square Inch talk to me!

Panoramic Canvases:

Panoramics are traditionally much wider than tall and show a broad view of the subject matter. Look at the Seascape Category if you are still uncertain.

Panoramics are among my most popular pieces, with the larger size prints routinely being used above headboards over beds, over couches, and along stairwells.  As single pieces they are available up to 90 inches (7.5 feet) long.  

Multi Panel Panoramics. A popular option for large walls is the use of multi-panel prints, where a panoramic is printed in three to five independent sections, which are then hung side by side. I have created multi-panels exceeding 10 feet in width and 38 inches deep. The pixel density required for these very large prints sometimes limits availability of specific prints. Send me note and we will work through it!

One final note on panoramic canvases. I will hold back copies of my panoramic canvases as their limited edition prints near retirement. These I sell at a premium, and/or donate to charity.  

Custom sizes/work is priced by the project. Email me your thoughts and we can discuss further.

Seascapes / Landscape Panoramic Canvases

Length x Height Price 
38 x 12 $364
38 x 15 $450
50 x 12 $480
50 x 15 $600
50 x 20 $800
60 x 12 $576
60 x 15 $720
60 x 20 $960
60 x 28 $1,344
60 x 36 $1,728
70 x 20 $1,120
70 x 24 $1,344
80 x 20 $1,280
80 x 24 $1,536
80 x 30 $1,920
90 x 24 $1,836

To Purchase

For questions or purchase, please contact us at