Create A Wall

My answer is to create a wall of art that you routinely change.

If I bet you $20 that you couldn’t recall the pieces of visual art hang in your house, would I win? Think a minute, and mentally go through each your rooms. What is hanging on the walls?

I doubt you would win the bet. I bet some of you could not even recall what’s hanging in the main rooms of your home. I say that, because I’m a very visually oriented person, (likely why I’ve always been attracted to photography), and I would struggle with the bet! 

So here’s the point. Art should stimulate your brain, acting either to refresh personal memories and make you smile, or strike a chord in your imagination. If you can’t recall the art on your walls, that’s not happening. And the most likely reason is after seeing the same art day after day, your brain ignores it.

And because of that you lose the opportunity to see something that makes you smile or opens your imagine. So what can you do about it?

My answer is to create a wall of art that you routinely change. I have a wall in my studio which I hang art that gets switched out several times a year. The concept is easy, and cheap. For less than $5 you can buy excellent frame hangers at any hardware store. Grab a level, and space then how you wish, then hang art you like. And when you no longer stop and ponder or smile when you walk past, change it out. 

I’m not saying that in effort to sell you my photos. It doesn’t matter where you get what you hang. And you can buy frames that you can reuse over and over. It doesn’t matter if you are working with two frames, or 15. The idea is keep things visually changing. As the song goes, ‘Don’t let your brain Post Toastee (like a lot of my friends did)’. I think he was referencing your brain, like cereal, getting soggy?  But it was the 70s, so who knows. 

My ‘wall’, pictured, is 9×10 space. I use a gallery hanging system that allows me to easily change height and spacing of the photos. A potential downside is, because the frames are hanging on a cable, they sometimes need to be straightened (as demonstrated in my photo). This is especially true if the wall encounters vibration (such as a door slamming, or say a 150-pound mastiff body slamming the wall while wresting with his 120-pound brother (next life, chihuahuas)). And yes, that was a set of parenthesis within a set of parenthesis. And as you can see, eight fish heads staring at you is a powerful thing.

All that said, a gallery system is great when you want to change photos out. At some point in the near future I will find a reliable source for cable systems and tell you about it. I don’t have one right now.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me.