My birth name, Dennis Greaney, isn’t a common name by any stretch of the imagination. If you were search it on the internet (I just did), you’d find somewhere around 150 across the country. And based on the listing five of the 150 are me, listing various locations I’ve lived or worked over time. My point is it’s not a common name.

Several years back, as my idea of a photography website came to be (note I did not say ‘came into focus’), I started exploring names for the website. Being a highly creative soul I decided to try something exotic like ‘Dennis Greaney Photography’. BAM!! Three Dennis Greaney Photographers exists. One in Michigan, One in Colorado Springs, and one in Denver. So summarizing, and assuming one Dennis Greaney doesn’t operate three studios, of the 30 or so Dennis Greaney’s in the US, there are apparently four (with mine), with photography websites.

So a dilemma is born. Out of respect of the other Dennis Greaney(s), and to avoid confusion among both fans of my work, I needed to come up with an independent name for my website. In my house, when heavy contemplation is needed, we rely on discussion around good bourbon to stimulate our imaginations. So Marilyn and I pondered over possible names. One stuck. Irish Red.

So what’s the meaning? Irish Red is in part homage to my genealogy, I’m part Irish, and part homage to my dad ‘Red’ Greaney. So there it is. Irish Red was born.