Fish Heads!

The Fish Head! collection is targeted at sportsmen, biologist and other fans of the fishes, both salt and freshwater.  I have to admit, I didn’t see this collection coming back when I started it in 2017.  As an undergrad my major interest was aquatic ecology. Within the Ecology, Ethology and Evolution Department at University of Illinois, we were artificially bunched into groups of ‘plant people’, ‘bird people’ ‘herp’ people (think reptiles and amphibians), and ‘fish people’. I was a fish people. This early focus on the evolution and natural history of fish dovetailed perfectly with my love of fishing and natural history, a lifestyle I love to this day.

Fish Heads! is a celebration of the diversity, and under-appreciated beauty of fish. Whether it’s the intricacy of colors on the ‘Leopard of the Kenai’ (a variety of rainbow trout) and ‘Bluegill #9’, the clown like expression of ‘White River Brown Trout’, the subtle beauty of the blending tropical hues colors of ‘Permit on the Flats’, the contrasts offered by Tarpon #2 and Tarpon #13, or the perceived wisdom displayed by ‘Advice From Jack’, each captures a unique personality of the animal. And for the record, each of the animals was photographed and released, with the possible exception of ‘Walleye #5’. Walleye are delicious.

People either ‘get’ or ‘don’t get’ the collection.  Some are instantly smitten. Others look at them, then me, like they are disgusted. The very fact that you are still reading suggests you ‘get them’.  You’re my kind of people. And the fact that there are Fish Heads hanging in homes across the Lower Keys suggests that our group is both healthy and robust.  Long Live Fish Head People! I need to put down the bourbon…

Big Fish Heads are Better Than Little Fish Heads

The Fish Heads Collection is offered in standard size prints, in gallery frames, and on stretched canvas.  On stretched canvas I offer them in custom sizes up to 38×50, which is a big fish head.  That said they have been incorporated into some very impressive homes designs. You got to love it.

If you have any questions regarding size options or wish to discuss custom sizing please email me at


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