The Seascapes Collection captures the beauty and mood of the mangrove keys, related isles, and surrounding waters that make up the Florida Keys. These limited-edition prints are available in standard frames and single and multi-panel stretched canvas panoramas, up to 90 inch wide. The collection has proven itself very popular with Florida Key locals and visitors alike. Panoramas are available in a multitude of custom sizes to meet your design needs.

Go Big and Go Home
I offer the seascapes in several standard sizes, starting at 38×10, but offer them in custom sizes up to 36×90 single frame or even larger in multi-panel display. The most popular use of the Seascapes is very large format stretched canvas prints over couches and beds. For reference a routine size stretched canvas above a king size bed would be around 70×24. Standard sizes over couches vary pending wall dimensions and intent, but routinely fall between 50 and 90 inches in depth. For pricing and sizing assistance email me at

The seascapes I offer are cropped versions of my large master photograph. As result sometimes different versions are offered if i feel they offer different moods and perspective. As example, compare Split Rock / Destroyer Key – Islands in the Sky #5 with Split Rock Key – The Whole. They represent different perspective of the same master photo. And finally, each seascape is produced and printed by me as purchased. It may slightly adjust in actual crop dimensions based on the size, which is unavoidable, and my perspective, which is whimsical at best.

Like all of my canvases, the Seascapes can be made waterproof for outside use.

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