Boca Grande Key – Atlantic View#28

Boca Grande is the furthest west of the Mule Keys. Jump the six miles across the Boca Grande Channel and you’re at the Marquesas.

It’s permitted for boats to beach on the west side of Boca Grande Key home, of a beautiful sandbar. As result it’s a very popular destination for locals on weekends.

Here we see Boca Grande from the south, looking across the beautiful waters of the Atlantic.

A telltale giveaway on what key we are looking at is the lone palm tree on the far west (Left) side of the photograph.

The palm has obviously been there for years, testimony of palm’s ability to withstand tropical storm and hurricane force winds. Hurricane Ian’s eye passed over the Dry Tortugas, 50 miles to the west in 2022. I was curious whether it again made it. Sure enough, it stood tall, despite having some fronds hanging along the trunk.

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