Mule Keys – Key West Thunderstorm #1

The Mule Keys stretch west of Key West to Boca Grande Key and, along with the Marquesas Keys further west, are one of my favorite places on earth.

Composed of large flats interrupted by fingerlike channels and the mangrove isles, the Mule Keys are as beautiful as they are ecologically diverse.

The panoramic shows summer thunderstorms, between me and, on the horizon, Key West. The mirrorlike waters between me and the storm adds to the dichotomy of the photo.

Limited to 15 editions over 40 inches wide Mule Keys – Key West Thunderstorm #1 highlights the contract between the peaceful waters making up the flats, and the beautiful, yet potentially violent weather associated with the sub-tropics.

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‘Flats’, shallow water areas impregnated with deeper water channels, are indicative of the Mule Keys, the collection of keys located across the roughly 1.5 miles channel west Key West. Defined by Boca Grande 12 miles to the west, Man Key on the South, Cottrell Key to the North and Mule Key on the east, the Mule keys represent both an accessible and beautiful place. ‘Flats Fishing’ featuring shallow water skiffs led by knowledgeable guides ‘push-poling’ fishermen through the shallows visually pursuing bonefish, permit and tarpon, is very popular sport throughout the keys and certainly in Key West. This photograph was taken from a flats boat as we navigated through the Mule Key flats, mindful of the thunderstorm. the eastern mule keys are sprinkled across the photograph while Key West lies on the other side of the storm. The water within the piece is both mercurial, created by the low morning sun being diffused by the storm, and calm, with almost no wind and associated waves. for the record, we did get wet before it was over.

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