Woman Key Flats #22

The flats east of Woman Key, can be the most beautiful you have ever seen. ‘The Flats’ refer to the stretches of shallow water between the mangrove islands making up the Florida Keys. The sea bottom within the flats is traditionally a combination of areas of seagrass, sponges and other life creating ‘dark patches’ and areas of white sand bottom. The white sand bottom reflects these amazing colors, with colors ranging from subdued to almost neon intensity.

In the ‘Woman Key Flats #22’ Seascape you see the beautiful green reflection from within the sand areas, along with the darker areas of attached life. In the distance you see Woman Key as a low rise of mangroves.

Within the flats are gamefish, traditionally targeted by fly fisherman and those fishing light spinning gear.

These fish, traditionally bonefish and permit, are incredibly wary and spook very easily. To silently fish the flats and move across the shallow water, fishing guides use ‘flats boats’, where the guide stands on a pedestal high up at the back of the boat and pushed the boat using a push pole. The added height allows him/her to spot targeted bonefish and permit. the push pole makes the voyage beautifully quiet.

The reasons I tell go to this level of detail is that you cannot fully appreciate the beauty of the flats until you experience it. It can be breathtaking.

If you want to have a unique experience, even if you don’t fish, hire a flats boat for 1/2 day or even better, a full day. Just explain you want to experience the peace and vibrant colors that are truly unique to the flats.

And on a fun note, to the west of Woman Key is Man Key. Somewhere in their history they switched positions. Man Key became Woman Key and Woman Key become Man Key. But don’t tell Desantis… we won’t be able to talk about it in geography.

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