The Wildflower Collection is, and will always be, one of my favorites. My appreciation is based on the diversity of wildflowers, as well as the fact that photographing became a traditional rite of early spring hikes. Lying on the wet cold ground, in March and April, attempting to capture the essence of a Spring Beauty or False Garlic bloom is something I looked forward to every year. Now i live in Key West during the early spring, and they remind me of younger days. And the cold…

The collection focuses primarily on spring ephemerals, those spring wildflowers that abruptly appear in the spring, bloom for a short period of time, and then just as quickly disappear. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve missed an anticipated bloom event because of a day or two delay (and my absolute lack of an internal compass). I once came across a large patch of Wild Hyacinths during an Ozark hike 10 or so years ago. I didn’t have my camera gear. Visually triangulating their location, I left. I then returned and was not only unsuccessful in finding them, but 10 years later and I haven’t found them since. And they are relatively big! So, in short, I’ve been outfoxed by a plant. Current score Wild Hyacinth 10, Dennis 0.

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