Tiger Lily #2 (Let’s build a wall!)

‘Tiger Lily #2’ (Let’s build a Wall). The Tiger Lily has assimilated across much of the US as an introduced species, commonly found in wetlands. Introduced species are a real threat to natural habitats. In the case of the Tiger Lily, it is here to stay and we may as well enjoy it. Interestingly (or not) we are in the midst of a political debate in our country in regards to ‘who belongs’. Everyone within our species, including the Native Americans who beat the rest of us by 10,000+ years, are introduced species to North America. Life on this planet existed for maybe 3.8 billion years before us hominids dropped from the trees onto the savannahs of Africa. Within five million years, we have immigrated across the planet, including the current US. In short and in the eyes of ecosystems everywhere, humans put the ‘invasive’ in ‘invasive species’;. After spending most of my life trying to clean up the messes we made, all I ask is we try to not screw up the planet any more than we have. I’m not optimistic we can help ourselves.

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