Yard Monsters

The Yard Monsters collection is a tribute to the truly small things in life, the insects. The evolutionary diversity of insects is without compare, and they fill niches we have yet to discover. Few are captivated by the insects, and most don’t pay them attention until they have messed up our windshields. There are exceptions. Professor E.O. Wilson, another of my many heroes, once told the story of being at an outdoor dinner party, and upon seeing an ant crawl by that he did not recognize, got on his hands and knees and followed it to its hill…much to the humor (bewilderment?) of the other guests. Later in his career Dr. Wilson, described as the ‘world’s greatest living scientist’ co-authored the Pulitzer Prize winning ‘The Ants’ a 750 page inclusive anthem to everything about the ant.

My photographs have been heavily manipulated in attempt to take the ‘ug’ out of bug. I attempt to capture the uniqueness of each of my subjects in effort to make them truly wall worthy (as in hanging, not crawling). Despite my efforts, I doubt I will see any of this collection on a living room wall. I would love to see them used in children’s rooms, where they capture the attention of the next E.O. Wilson.

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