Approaching the Green Room #27

I have an acquaintance who operates a dinghy drinking tour business in Key West. Basically, he leads you and your party bar hopping in dinghies. while I have not yet participated, I’ve been told part of the charm is lying flat enough pass under the very tight bridge passes during high tide.

The closest I have come to that is getting into the Green Room. here you must lie in the bottom of the flats boat as you push your way through the mangroves. once through, it opens into a beautiful area that serves as a nursery for many species, including tarpon.

Its location? I can’t tell you. I’ve been sworn to secrecy by my friend who took me there. However, the fact that there was once a bar by that name in Key West would suggest it’s known to those who need to know!

Regardless it’s a beautiful location if you can find it!

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