Bird Key of the Marquesas #6

I laugh when I read back on my seascape descriptions. If i wouldn’t be able to use the words ‘Beautiful’, ‘Tranquil’ and Calming’ I’m afraid I’d be speechless…or is it writeless?…

Anyway, here we are back in the Marquesas on beautiful day, passing to the South of Mooney Harbor.

Up the Channel lies a small unnamed mangrove key. Anthony Solmo, my friend and amazing fishing guide, have named it Bird Key.

Why? One of the many times we passed it was absolutely covered with circling birds. Frigate birds, terns, gulls all in a whirlwind above it. It would have been an absolutely great photograph. But I waited. And when we went back, they had left.
There’s a lesson there somewhere.

And the photograph? Beautiful, tranquil and calming.

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