2017 Cluster on the Kenai

I have the good fortune of having friends who, several years back, introduced me to fishing the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. In 2017 we organized a trip of eight friends, including our two guides. From my perspective it was an epic trip not only because of the group, which included some friends dating back to kindergarten, but also because of the Alaskan landscape in which we were entitle to trespass. Following our return the commemorative print was made, highlighting the simple beauty of a Sockeye Salmon, as captured one morning in June.

For those who have never been to Alaska, and are fans of real wilderness, I highly suggest you making it a goal. Almost everywhere you turn, outside of the cities, true breathtaking wilderness is in view. And it’s that wilderness that brings me back. To understand that the brown bear ultimately can decide your fate, while standing half awake on a river in the middle of the night surrounded by water, darkness and trees, is more than just frightening and awakening. It’s needed.

Back to Edward Abbey for closure: ‘Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit’.

This print is not for sale as the 2017 commemorative print, but similar work will be offered in the future.

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