Kansas Homestead #4

‘Kansas Homestead #4’ may be misnamed. The homestead stood on a distant hill overlooking I-70 either in Western Kansas or Eastern Colorado. After driving by at a distance many times, I finally packed my camera gear and went hiking, taking photographs of the remains. The collection may reappear stand alone at some point. The house itself, stood on a hill which when built had to truly be remote. In 2001 or so when I trespassed, it remained surrounded by thousands of acres of bastardized short grass prairie, with the omnipresent cottonwood trees in the valleys. To think of the blizzards, droughts, and family life that the house experienced reminds me of the tenacity of both the structure and the human spirit. Sadly, despite my occasional search, I have not been able to find the home in numerous years, and believe it may have finally succumbed to age and gravity. Or I simply may pass it unnoticed.

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