Permit on the Flats

Returning back to the Marquesas of the Western Florida Keys, the disc shaped permit is one of my favorite sport fish. And what a handsome beast! Their grey blue green textures, yellow touches and wise eyes reek of the tropics.

Permit feed on flats so shallow that their tails stick out of the water as they, nose down, look for crabs, their favorite meal. If hooked, a permit becomes the equivalent to fighting a motorized trash can lid. A very powerful fish!

This print is by far the most popular of my Fish Heads Collection. Its beautiful tropical color scheme has been the basis for several interior design color schemes, and the print has appeared in an interior design magazine. And it’s complimented perfectly by the colors in many of the prints in the Seascape Collection.

The final beauty of the print is it comes across equally stunning regardless of size or media. The print been sold in a 38×58 stretched canvas centerpiece down to a 8×10 gallery frame.

The positive reaction to a piece of art depicting a fish head has restored my confidence in mankind! Well, it at least makes me laugh!

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