Tarpon #2 – Self Portrait

Tarpon are an ancient fish dating back 18 million years and have evolved the ability to use their air bladder as a primitive lung. As result tarpon, which can exceed 200lbs, can gulp surface air in the warm, oxygen poor waters where they thrive.

To a fisherman little compares to the screaming of a reel as a tarpon makes run followed by a leaping head shake. And their ability to ‘breathe’ air means they do not wear down quickly, often fighting for 45 minutes or more.

More subtle is the beauty of the fish. The brilliant silver is accented by golds and greens, especially in the young fish. This one, caught by Brandon Cyr, results from our pursuit of a tarpon photo.

Why self-portrait? That’s my reflection, with camera, in its eye.

This print, along with the Permit on the Flats print are by far the most popular of the Fish Head Collection.

It’s the fish head for the discriminating buyer…

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